Mixing, Recording, & Music Production | Contact: info@jasonagel.com

Mixing, Recording, & Music Production | Contact: info@jasonagel.com

Jason Agel is a Grammy Award nominated engineer & producer, specializing in mixing, recording, and music production.  

Jason's work can be heard on releases by Prince, Kanye West, Björk, The Rapture, Beyonce, Jay Z, and many more; he was nominated for a Grammy as the recording & mixing engineer behind John Legend's critically acclaimed album, Love in the Future, including the 5x platinum single, "All of Me".  Jason works out of recording studios in New York City, buses across America, and everywhere else you can put a microphone and speakers.  A detailed discography is available here.  Contact Jason here to work on your project.

John Legend - "All of Me" Engineered and Mixed by Jason Agel.

Carrie Mana - "Hallelujah"   Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jason Agel.  RIP Leonard Cohen.

The official music video for Matt McAndrew's new single, "Wasted Love,"  mixed by Jason Agel.

Sterling Fox and Samantha Ronson, "Angry Sons" - Production, Guitars, and Synths by Jason Agel.

Produced & engineered by Jason Agel.  Written with & vocals by Matt Hartke.

Recorded & mixed by Jason Agel.

Music written & performed by Jason Agel & Pete Enestrom/ produced, mixed, and engineered by Jason Agel.